In order to provide a fun ski life by all skiers, REXXAM has evolved a new era. Competitive skiers seeking faster and more accurate skiing, all-round skiers seeking more pleasantly comfortable skiing · · · Pursuing the performance of ski boots according to the ski life you want, that is REXXAM's performance supremacy .
Especially 2017 REXXAM, innovation of the inner boots design a lot. All parts are newly designed pursuing fitness performance tailored to the ski orientation. Newly developed inner pad material is adopted to prevent comfort degradation due to change at low temperature. By incorporating various technologies and ingenuity, we have unprecedented comfort.
REXXAM's women's exclusive model PowerMAX - LADY was improved by incorporating young sensibilities. Although it is exclusively for ladies, it holds the whole foot securely, and operability realizes comfortable ski by POWER-REX concession.
Regarding FLEX, REXXAM has a harder finish than other companies. FLEX 100 is for advanced use.


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