Adopted a folded double channel structure that enhances the adhesion between the foot and the inner tongue from the shin to the instep. It flexibly responds to individual differences of the ankle, and raises the hold of the ankle.

Designed to widen the width of the inner tongue flexion. Pushes the ankle flexion part in the direction of the heel naturally and smoothly.

Adopting a newly designed outerskin that realizes a more smooth involvement of inner boots.

By the wing structure of the shin part, we realized a structure which is hard to interfere with the inner tongue and the upper shell.

For parts corresponding to calves, adopt a new material pad that is supple and familiar to curved surfaces. By making the pad thickness 2 mm thinner than the conventional thickness, we made it flexible design that is easy to respond to individual differences.

For inner tongue pads, calf skin pads and body pads, EVA-based new materials that are superior in warmth, elasticity, resilience and lightness, as well as low temperature characteristics are adopted.

In order to further enhance familiarity to the foot, punch processing is adopted for the inner tongue pad and the body pad.

EVA black yellow 2 color pad
BX-H / BX-S inner tongue and calf skin Achilles part, adopting a black × yellow EVA type new material pad hard to harden even at low temperature.
EVA Blue Pad
EVA pad excellent in elasticity and resilience to be adopted for the body pad cover. Punch processing with a diameter of 2 mm further enhanced the familiarity to the foot.
CX Thermopad
CX (Confo-Rex) Thermopad to be adopted for the inner. Adopts heart-shaped punching on the entire pad, which gently makes foot contact at low temperature.

Inner specification for athletes to realize exact fitness for expert skiers.
Pad of rubber material with excellent elasticity, Inner specification of the athlete realizing hold like attaching.
* Includes inner race

PowerREX-S:SRH , SR , S110
PowerREX-M:MRH , MR , M110

Based on the BX - H inner, adopted an inner lining excellent in elasticity.
While balancing fitness and hold performance at a high level, it is a high performance inner of soft comfort.
The new material pad also keeps warmth.

PowerREX-S:S100 , S95 , S90
PowerREX-M:M100 , M95
PowerMAX:100 , 95

Comfort inner which adopts new development pad which can also thermoform. The new material pad further improved the heat retention.
Soft per foot, combines moderate repulsion and excellent resilience, feet-friendly inner boots.

PowerMAX:90 , 85
PowerMAX-Lady:90 , 85 , 80

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